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METTLER TOLEDO Weigh-in-Motion (WIM)

Truck Crossing WIM weigh in motion scales

The METTLER TOLEDO name represents more than 100 years of prestige and quality in the weighing and measurement industry. For vehicle weighing METTLER TOLEDO has built its reputation on the design and manufacturing of truck scales, WIM scales, load cells, printed circuit boards, and digital indicators. This unique capability ensures robustness, compatibility, functionality, and quality. As the World's largest manufacturer of weighing systems, METTLER TOLEDO has been offering vehicle weigh-in-motion solutions for over 20 years. Installed across the U.S. and around the World, these systems have proven their operational reliability and accuracy in high volume applications.

METTLER TOLEDO at Alaska Ferry Terminal WIM and Dimensioning Project

METTLER TOLEDO WIM at Maryland Weigh Station

METTLER TOLEDO WIM Protecting Thousand Islands Bridge

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