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Compliance with legal load limits presents unique challenges. Overloads can lead to both fines and lengthy delays, as many states require overweight trucks to be off-loaded prior to returning to the road. Not only do axle and gross loads need to be checked, but also compliance to the Federal Bridge Formula must be calculated. Close to one-third of all violations are related to Federal Bridge Formula noncompliance. Some states even have individual wheel load limits, which cannot be checked with axle or platform scales.

METTLER TOLEDO WIM systems quickly and automatically check for potential gross weight, axle weight, and bridge formula violations. The type and location of the violation is pinpointed, allowing for precise load rearrangement so the truck can leave the terminal quickly. Weigh tickets can be printed, traffic signals or gates can be controlled, and weight data stored for future reference. Multiple reporting options allow for operational analysis to measure trailer and terminal productivity, all in a fraction of the time of operations using static scales.


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